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MET is an equipping ministry training and exposing church leaders in cross cultural missions.

MET serves church leaders who desire to be actively involved in missions; by equipping,
sending or going.





MET Conferences, Pretoria, South Africa


French MCL               February 12 - March 13

AACL                         April 07 - 28

English MCL              September 17 - October 14

French  MCL              October 29  - November 27


English MCL             To Be Announced

French MCL              To Be Announced

AACL                         To Be Announced


Missions for Church Leaders (MCL)

A five week residential missions exposure and training for church leaders and missionary candidates.

Who can attend?                       

The primary pre-requisite is a divine call for missions, currently active in ministry and endorsement by your church. Priority is given to those with theological training and / or ministry experience.

Advanced Church Leadership (ACL)

A four week course to empower and equip African church leaders to transform their communities in a holistic manner. This course will deal with the following issues: justice, politics, church administration, ethics, morality, media and the market place. The role of the church in transforming these areas is vital to making significant positive advances for Christ's kingdom on the continent. (Hosted by MET.)

Missions for Bible College Teachers (MBCT)

A three week residential missions exposure and training designed for full time Bible College teachers. Pre-requisite: full time teacher for 3yr diploma level or higher.

 Maximum Enrolment

Each conference (except M10/40) is limited to 20 persons.  Early enrolment is advised for all courses.








Conference Costs

Includes: lectures, texts, accommodation, all meals and related field trips.

English MCL 

R 6,500 per person

(R 9,700 per couple)


R7,500 per person (Residential)
R5,000 per person (Day)

 (R11 000 per couple)


* includes a R400 non-refundable application fee per/person  
* 50% Deposit required after acceptance.
* Fees subject to change.
* Course dates subject to change.

What can I Expect?

 * to hear from experienced missionaries & church leaders about the great commission

* to learn about historical and current missions

* to explore strategies of reaching various people groups: HIV/ AIDS, other religions, children, cities

* to apply the methods of: language learning, research and ministry partnerships

* to re-examine the role of a missionary, women in missions, primary doctrines,
bi-cultural peoples, etc.

* to increase understanding and passion of your role in making disciples of all nations

Field Trips

* World religion worship sites
* Community & rural development programs
* AIDS - Christian response ministry models
* Orphanages
* Great Commission churches

Required Documents for Registration for MCL

1. Brief report on your conversion, ministry experience & reasons for attending MCL.                                      
Three letters of reference from;
            a) pastor/co-pastor,
            b) church elder/board member,
            c)  Bishop or overseer (all on church letterhead).  
3. Copies of Theological certificates, diplomas or degrees.                                                                          
4. Copy of passport 
5. One passport size photo    
6. Completed MET Application form