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Nigeria       Russia Seychelles Suriname Swaziland     South Africa Tanzania    Uganda Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe
And more
Angola     Benin    Botswana    China        Comoros 
Ghana      Kenya     Malawi     Mozambique  Namibia     New Zealand











Angola,  Botswana,  China, Comoros,  Brazzaville, Congo, Cameroon, Gabon,  Ghana,  Kenya,  Malawi,  Mozambique,  Namibia,  New Zealand,  Nigeria,  Russia,  Seychelles,  Suriname,  Swaziland,  South Africa,  Tanzania,  Uganda,  USA,  Yemen,  Zambia,  Zimbabwe,  and more

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Notice to all Alumni - please forward your current email so we can update our records and inform you of  the many new ministries here at MET.