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  Text Box:      Welcome to the MET website! We are grateful that God is stirring your heart towards missions. There is no higher calling than to be a worshipper and a disciple of the Lord  Jesus Christ.  However that means we have to carry the same cross Jesus carried ... that of  being misunderstood, of separation from family and loved ones and often having to risk our very lives .  Matt. 16:24
   Pierre & Marielle  Paradis


To see local churches actively involved in global missions by strategically living out God's missional purpose.


To empower the local church to be a dynamic missions congregation by exposing & training its leaders and missionary candidates in multi - cultural and global missions.

Brief Missions Biography

Pastor in Canada.  

Missionary in DR Congo.

Missionary in Africa since 2007.

Graduated from MET in 2007.

Director of MET since 2014.


We believe in :

Team partnership in life and ministry which means sharing the preaching and teaching ministry according to gifting as a couple and emphasizing the call of God according to Gal. 3:16. 

Modeling servant leadership in everyday life experience and demonstrating a unity of God's purpose and call in marital and ministry relationships.

Openess and interactive discussions on ministry experiences: power of personal testimony to encourage & develop relationships.

Central role of the word, worship & prayer for ongoing maturity in discipleship: exposure to a variety of missions models to provide a balance between theoretical and practical aspects of missions.

VISION Our current missionary vision is to pass on the mantle of missions to the African church by equipping and empowering African Church leaders to engage in  multi-cultural and global missions contexts.  The African church has a joyful vibrancy and dependence on the Holy Spirit that will greatly strengthen and expand the churches global missions endeavor.  Indeed they they possess the  spiritual potential to precipitate a third great awakening amongst the nations of the world.